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A Way With Words specializes in translation, writing, and editing, with a focus on the Scandinavian languages.

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B.J. Epstein has worked as a translator since 2002. She has translated many different types of texts from Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian to English, and occasionally also from English or Danish to Swedish.

B.J. specializes in a number of kinds of texts:

--food writing (recipes, menus, cookbooks, restaurant reviews, restaurant websites, essays on food, and the like),

--cultural texts (tourist brochures, descriptions of historical and cultural sites, museum guides, etc.),

--academic texts within the humanities and social sciences (theses, dissertations, abstracts, articles, and so forth), and

--literary texts (literature for children and young adults, thrillers, novels, short stories, plays, poems, and so on). Once she even translated a libretto!

While she has translated texts in many other areas, these are her specialities, and she regularly studies and does research in these fields in order to continually improve her skills and knowledge.

What do you get when you hire B.J.? Well, not only is she fluent in the Scandinavian languages and able to convey Scandinavian texts in English, but she also brings other skills to her work as well. As an academic, she understands the theoretical concepts behind the practice, and this informs how she translates, and also helps her explain her translatorial choices to you. Since she is an experienced writer and editor, you also get someone who can write well in English, who edits her work carefully and in great detail, and who ensures that each text is as good as possible before sending it to the customer. She is also a member of Sveriges Facköversättarförening (the Swedish Association of Professional Translators) and the Swedish-English Literary Translators’ Association, so she takes her professionalism seriously. In short, because of her education, her years of experience, and her passion for language, B.J. is able to provide translation services at a different level than many others.

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