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A Way With Words specializes in translation, writing, and editing, with a focus on the Scandinavian languages.

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B.J. Epstein has published two books and over 150 articles, in a variety of styles and about a wide range of topics. Her books are Translating Expressive Language in Children’s Literature, which was based on her PhD research, and Ready, Set, Teach: Ready-Made Lessons for the English Classroom, which is a textbook for use in English as a foreign language classes.

Her shorter texts include articles, stories, restaurant reviews, book reviews, essays, speeches, encyclopedia entries, recipes, and other documents for private customers and many publications. B.J. writes regularly for the Huffington Post and often reviews for the Wales Arts Review and in Swedish for Facköversättaren (the journal of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators), and she has also published work in the New Statesman, Mslexia, Polari, Writer Abroad, For Books’ Sake, The Danish Pioneer, In Other Words, The Danforth Review, Relish, Sally’s Place, Gourmet, Verbatim, Fence, Funds for Writers, The Journal of Children’s Literature Studies, Translation Journal, International Research on Children’s Literature, Write Away, ESL Magazine, Translation Magazine, Diva, Writing World, the Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Nordic Culture, and the Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature, among others.

Her academic articles have appeared in journals such as Journal of GLBT Family Studies, Write4Children, Signal, Germanic Notes and Reviews, Inis, IBBYLink, and Papers: Explorations into Children’s Literature, and also as chapters in books including Conflicts and Controversies: Challenging Children’s Literature, Crossing Textual Boundaries in International Children’s Literature, and Northern Lights: Translation in the Nordic Countries, the latter of which she also edited.

She has also published a number of translations, including excerpts, poems, and short stories, by authors such as Mats Kempe, Kristina Sandberg, Kerstin Norborg, Johannes Anyuru, and Gunnar Ardelius, in journals such as The Chimaera and Swedish Book Review, as well as in anthologies. B.J. has also translated books from Swedish to English, including Hello Cupcake! by Leila Lindholm, Salmon: From the Everyday to Luxury, by Paula Ahlsén Söder, One More Slice by Leila Lindholm, (Re)Searching Gothenburg: Essays on a changing city, Clematis by Andromeda Mats and Krister Cedergren, Easy to Concrete by Malena Skote, Young Man Turns 300: About Linnaeus 2007 – the Anniversary that Looked Towards the Future, and Danyel Couet’s Paris by Danyel Couet.

A number of other articles and translations are forthcoming.