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A Way With Words specializes in translation, writing, and editing, with a focus on the Scandinavian languages.

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B.J. Epstein has been a professional editor since the mid-1990s. She has worked for many different publishing companies, publications, organizations, literary agencies, universities, individuals, and others. She primarily edits texts in English, but she also regularly edits Swedish texts, particularly Swedish translations of English works.

Editing isn’t only about correcting a document’s comma usage or improving its grammar; it's about shaping a well-written and understandable text. For companies and individuals trying to get their message across, whether to customers, colleagues, or competitors, a skillful and proficient use of language and style is essential.

When you hire B.J. to edit your text, you don’t just send her your text and then get an improved version back. Rather, editing is a process that the two of you embark on together, and the text generally goes back and forth between you a number of times. First, she will talk to you about issues such as whether you want to use U.K. or U.S. English, whether your intended audience is comprised of academics or another specialized group or lay readers, whether there is a particular style you want or need to use, and so on. She will then go through your text, making changes and writing a list of questions, comments, and suggestions. You can then look through the changes, decide what to accept or not, and answer her questions or make additional changes based on her suggestions. At that stage, B.J. will edit your text another time. She may send it back to you with more questions and suggestions, or you may decide you want to make further changes, so a third or even fourth edit can take place. Along the way, B.J. often gives you information or explanations about English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and writing in general.

What all this means is that your text returned to you enhanced and of a better quality, but you also learn more about writing in English and the English language more generally. With careful attention to detail and language, B.J. will help your good document become excellent.

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